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We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and industry. We work closely with our shippers and carriers because we enjoy exceeding expectations and running our business honorably and respectfully. Tadmore was founded with over 20 years of freight experience, including warehouse supervising, truck driving, and shipping.

Our History

The name "Tadmore Transportation" comes from an Ohio town named Tadmor. During the 19th century, all four modes of major transportation came together where the Great Miami River and the Erie Canal met on Tadmor's West edge. The national road reached there in 1839, with the railroad coming through in 1851. From that point, significant freight passed through Tadmor.

Tadmore Transportation, LLC officially started on Tadmore Drive in East Toledo; where a former railroad spurs, river, and express way all meet. The name reflects our love of the transportation industry, the people who came before us, and the Toledo neighborhood. We are honored to give our carriers and customers a "tad-more!" We moved to our current location in "up-town" Toledo in 2014.

Our Team
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Pete Emahiser - President & CEO

Pete is responsible for the strategic direction of Tadmore Transportation. His values and vision have created this freight brokerage company based on being decent. Being good to the drivers, good to the shippers. A common statement heard daily is, “Same Team.” He excels at understanding and listening to shippers. He questions drivers and communicates and negotiates respectfully. The better the relationship between the shipper, the broker and the driver, the easier and safer and the move. Pete is a life learner, interested in history, world and US economy, logistics, psychology, and just about everything. His respectful quick wit and culinary skills make him a joy to work with. 

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Sue Seiler - CFO, Accounting & Billing

Sue is responsible for supervising Tadmore’s financial procedures, her duties include accounting, business administration, statistics, and management accounting regulations and tax codes. Sue strives for change and continuous growth for herself, her family, friends, colleagues and every business and organization she encounters. She has effectively blended leadership, wisdom, education, and experience from work and life to spur productivity and innovation. As the CFO of Tadmore Transportation, she shares her energy and tried-and-true habits to catalyst the company to success.

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Amber Dreps - Freight Broker

­­Amber is responsible for all aspects of the freight scheduling and monitoring process. She fully understands the shippers needs, asking pertinent questions to make sure the truck she finds is the right match at the right price. She analyzes potential carriers against quality indicators like insurance coverage, safety measures, and other means of verifying identity and past business practices. She accurately presents rate confirmations to carriers, specifying team, temperature, and on-time delivery rate details. This level of clarity helps clarify expectations and adds another level of protection on our shipments.


Freight Services

Jaye Biniecki - Broker Operations

Jaye comes from generations of farming and trucking. He's been in the logistics industry from the day he was born. His father is an owner operator and teamster. Jaye has seen the up's and down's of the freight business affect his father (and uncles) and is proud to be an asset to our carriers. His keen eye for detail, and friendly and respectful attitude toward all make him a great addition to the team here at Tadmore Transportation.