Ship Tadmore 

History of Honor

From the day we opened Tadmore, our goal was to "be decent" to shippers, truckers...everyone on our team. Sometimes it costs us more. We can only earn (can't buy) a Good Reputation. We can't go back in time and make kinder, more honest decisions.

Our Credit Ratings, Our 15+ 5 Star DAT Reviews, Our Testimonies speak for us.

Margins and Systems

Our business model is such that we operate on a 9-12% profit margin. Most larger brokers require 15-25%. Tadmore pays our drivers a "tad-more," and charges shippers a "tad-less". With low operating expenses, and no long-term debt, we are invested in technology and systems to provide the best experience at the right price. Our preferred carriers take good care of us, because we take good care of them. A fairly paid driver is cooperative and reliable.

The Tadmore Advantage
When we quote you a price, it is for a real truck at the fair market rate. We quote your load to move it on a reliable, professional carrier. We are highly qualified to handle any shipping structure. We have found consistent carriers for shippers in areas known to be tight. We complement your needs to cover seasonal fluctuations, vacations, and illnesses. This helps protect efficiency while reducing lay-offs.  
Around the Clock Coverage
We work when you work, and anytime freight is moving. Protecting your cargo is done by answering the phone. Carriers call with questions about locations, receiving hours, check-in points, lumper services, and temperature confirmation. Open communication 24/7 decreases your odds of a potential claim. 
Triple Vetted Carriers
Our carriers have been triple vetted through RMIS, Carrier 411, and SaferSys. Once they become a Tadmore carrier and experience our professionalism, most call us daily with available trucks. Approximately 85% of our moves are on established core truckers. With all calls recorded, we are able to confirm, clarify, review and even share all communication. This is especially valuable in a potential claim situation.

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